Are you tired of your meets not running as smoothly as you know they can? Is malfunctioning equipment hindering your meet operations? Don’t you wish someone would take the time to teach you the ins and outs of operating your Colorado Timing Systems and Hy-tek products? Lastly and most importantly, isn’t it time you found someone who can service all these products in a timely and reliable fashion. If you’re like us then then you’ve asked yourself most if not all of these questions at least once. Well, a solution is here, and its name is Just In Timing.

In the year 2000 Justin Alsobrooks was working for a local YMCA. They had just built a brand new pool facility and were looking to make it a hub for NJ swimming. This is where his 15 year journey in timing and directing swim meets began. He quickly learned the intricacies of Colorado Timing Systems equipment out of a necessity to teach it to others on his staff. While talking to other meet directors and coaches from other local facilities he realized that they were struggling to replicate the success he was having at his pool. So, in 2005, Justin started to work with these facilities both fixing their Colorado equipment and helping them run meets.

Fast forward to 2010 Just In Timing LLC is born, with the goal of providing premier repair services, training, and installation to the East Coast for all Colorado Timing Systems equipment. In order to ensure that every client receives the same caliber of service that they would expect from Colorado itself, in 2011, Just In Timing became a certified as an authorized service provider, equipment reseller, and CTS System 5/6 operator. This will guarantee you always get the service you deserve regardless of the issues you’re facing.

In 2014 JIT partnered in the development of Prestige Athletics in order to bring the same level of service into MultiSport timing. In 2015 PA was acquired by Just In Timing allow us to extend our services to open water swimming as well as a variety of road races.

Given the massive presence Hy-Tek has in the swimming world, JIT has now become an authorized user of both the Team Manager and Meet Manager software.

Just In Timing has already provided stellar service to facilities in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

If you need someone who can manage and time your meet, repair equipment during a meet (when time is of the essence), give your system a complete overhaul, or just train you and your staff, then look no further Just In Timing is for YOU!

  • Authorized Colorado Timing Systems Service Provider
  • Certified System 5/6 Operator
  • Authorized Hy-Tek User
  • Certified USA Administrative Official